Thursday, March 19, 2009

They're Learning!

(L) Rucha Gujarati. (R) Manisha Kelkar.
Compared to their last appearance, Rucha and Manisha have taken veritable leaps toward achieving a fashion sense. Now, they're still nowhere near perfect, but let's encourage these steps with some positive reinforcement. The starlets attended the premiere of Lottery in floor length gowns. They're really not great looking gowns, but they are event appropriate attire. So kudos for that. But, enough resting on laurels. Let's get back to business. You'll notice that the material of Rucha's dress is hardly flattering. It creates a tummy where there probably isn't one at all. I abhor the ruffle-fest going on at the bottom coupled with two side slits. In comparison, Manisha's dress is much more conservative and therefore a better bet for a newcomer on the red carpet. It's boring and safe, but classier so I can't find much wrong with it. Photo Source.

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