Friday, March 13, 2009

So Disappointing...

(L) Pria Kataria Puri. (C) Anamika Khanna. (R) Gayatri Khanna.
It's one thing when one of our Bolly starlets makes a fashion goof. But it is quite another when we see fashion designers make a faux pas. Like models and actors, designers rely heavily on their own image to brand and showcase their products - image is everything for these people. However, as designers, we expect them to have some modicum of style sense which is what we expect not out of movie stars, but out of their stylists as well. At baseline, I am not a fan of Pria Kataria Puri's gold lamé-esque dress - there's something about the neckline that is just not flattering. But she totally bombs in the glamour department due to that messy hair and her sloppy accessories, and did I mention that ratty, bird's nest hair? Get a comb, lady. Better yet, hire a hair stylist! As for Anamika Khanna, looking at the designer herself, I wouldn't be motivated to persue her spring/summer collections. Rockstar belt aside, she is a little too Little House on the Prairie for my taste. Bleh. I expect so much more from people in the biz! Gayatri Khanna attended the bash wearing the design of J.J.Valaya rather than one of her own. The Valaya creation is some kind of velvet-satin-velour material in a a print that reminds me of a Tiffany lamp you might find in a circa 1960s bar. Add to that the mock neck and tired old belt, and let's just say that Gayatri didn't do J.J.Valaya any favors in trotting this outfit out.
Photo Credit: BCCL.

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