Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Did Raveena mistakenly think she was attending - I don't know - a casual night out with girlfriends? Did she not realize that she was, in fact, attending a formal wedding ceremony? Her fuchsia satin sheen top, and her satin sheen black pants with the odd tapered, ruffle are just inexplicable total lapses in fashion sense. The pants are just awful, but the top (while not great), would be acceptable under other circumstances.I guess Raveena wasn't the only one a little confused about proper wedding attire. Amisha looks cute in DVF, but just a tad casual and even a bit severe for an afternoon occasion. It's a cute wrap dress (I &hearts DVF as much as the next girl) for an afternoon shopping or some such. A floatier fabric, in a lighter color, minus the collar detailing would have worked much better.
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