Thursday, March 12, 2009

Priyanka is to Ferragamo What Freida is to _____?

Gotcha! It's a trick question. The answer could be Chanel or Dolce & Gabbana or both. These lovelies are currently the muses du jour for some big - I mean big - fashion names! Freida is savvily promoting herself internationally to major fashion houses like Chanel and D&G which are eagerly vying for her attention post the Slumdog lovefest. They're lavishing her with straight off the runway designs and invites to VIP events at their respective shows and after parties. Freida was first seen at Milan Fashion Week clad head-to-toe in D&G. Those are some killer heels, by the way!Photo Source.
Freida was then whisked off to Paris to attend Chanel's Paris Fashion Week show for which she was of course decked out in Chanel. She later attended the Karl Lagerfeld (omg!) and Jefferson Hacks-hosted soiree at none other than Coco Chanel's apartment. By the way, when referring to Coco Chanel's near-mythic residence, I fear the term "apartment" is sorely misleading. We're not talking one bedroom with kitchenette, people.Photo Credit: AP Photo.Photo Source.
Lifting a page out of Freida's success story, Priyanka has landed quite the laurel herself. As part of the "Shoes for Stars" campaign, Mid-Day reports that Piggy Chops was invited by the Ferragamo family to have her footprints cast at the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum in Florence. With this honor, Priyanka followed some very royal footsteps (literally!). The only other Indian on whom this honor was bestowed was the Maharani of Cooch Behar, Indira Devi. A bonus (over which I myself am swooning with envy), the famed Ferragamo shoe designers will create customized shoes for PC based on her tastes and requests, and (what?! there's more?) they will regularly send her these custom-made shoes and handbags. Eeeek. An on-going supply of Ferragamo bags and heels? And that too, customized heels?! Envy...thy name is Ferragamo? Here's a sneek peek at Piggy Chops as shot by Italian fashion photog Gianni Rizotti for L'Officiel India's March issue. She is of course wearing pieces from the Ferragamo Spring/Summer 2009 collection.Photo Source.

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