Saturday, March 21, 2009

Red Carpet Barbie, Meet Night At The Roxbury Ken.

Ok, so it looks like these two got the memo on Extreme Matching. Unfortunately, I can't say this is much of an improvement at all. This time, they went in the polar opposite direction of matching, and arrived at two totally disjointed outfits. When I saw this snap of Aftaab and Aamna attending the premiere of Aloo Chaat, my mental caption for the pic was "Barbie and Ken hit the red carpet." It's too much to the point that I wonder if that wasn't their inspiration for these atrocious outfits. I can totally picture them borrowing a young cousin's dolls and marching over to their tailor and stating "This. This, is what we want to look like," while brandishing the Ken and Barbie dolls.Aamna's a lovely girl, but that dress coupled with the prom hair generates a pffftt rather than the sizzle she was probably hoping for on the red carpet for her debut film. As for Aaftab, he is one tall drink of water, but a shiny suit? Really? These two need to hire a stylist, pronto!
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