Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Of Hemlines And Mock Necks.

Our leggy lass, Deepika made a guest appearance on SRK's reality tv show Knights and Angels and considering that with her frame, just about anything will look good on her, she picked a dress that teeters on the unflattering. The fullness and possibly the hemline of the dress, coupled with the mock neck generate a matronly and none too chic look for Deepika. Clearly, the mock neck has got to go - it reminds me of a leotard one might wear for gym class. On Deepika's model's body, a slightly shorter hemline (just a smidge shorter) plus a more fitted silhouette would do wonders. However, this is not to suggest that Deepika is restricted to body-hugging styles! She could go for a bubble hem and swingy movement but as you can tell from the side view, what she's got on here, is neither swingy nor a bubble's more like a stiff bell shape. I'd also like to see her try some up-dos every now and then. As it stands, Deepika has two hair styles: long, mermaid tendrils, or long and poker straight.Photo Source.

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