Wednesday, March 4, 2009

MTV Cribs: Padma Lakshmi Edition.

Just kidding - this is a lot classier than MTV. Check out the "Lookbook" spread in Harper's Bazaar featuring Padma Lakshmi's swanky NYC digs. You can catch the full article here. She's wearing a self-designed necklace and bangles from her Lakshmi Jewels collection in the pictures - I gotta hand it to her, she's quite the entrepreneur. Way to self-promote, PL!I adore these bookcases! All she needs is one of those book ladders. Notice the strategically placed Birkin. Anyone think it's a little odd that her face is her screensaver?Her closet is giving me palpitations, I covet it so - not just for those labels but for its neat and tidy organization. You can find anything at a glance - no digging around. [swoon]. Yes. I am in fact a Type A control freak. I admit it.Check out Padma's jhula! She's wearing a Blumarine dress and those are Louis Vuitton shoes.Of course we get a peek at the Top Chef host's kitchen. She looks the part of domestic goddess in a Roberto Cavalli gown and Gucci shoes (whew. So many labels!).Ok, the face on the pc was one thing, but the fact that PL has a giant portrait of herself hanging above her bed reminds of Prem/Puja/Rahul/Sonia from [insert '90s Hindi movie] and how they're always shown with huge, blown up photos of themselves posing cheesily in their bedrooms. I always thought this concept was limited to '90s Bolly set décor, but I guess PL brings it into the realm of home décor. She's wearing a Gucci gown and shoes.
Source. Photo Credit: Douglas Friedman.

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