Saturday, March 14, 2009

Match Patrol.

We'll have to issue Karishma Tanna a citation for OD'ing on matching accessories at Anu Ranjan's party. Now, Karishma, I understand what you were trying to do here, I really do. You took a crisp, white shirt and a-line skirt, and decided to add a pop of color. However, the look would have worked out if you limited yourself to one yellow accessory. Instead, you've got the yellow wide belt, yellow bangles, and those awful too-big, duck shoes that remind me (in a very bad way) of Akki's duck shoes. Ugh. This look wouldn't have even registered a blip on the Match Patrol's radar if she had restrained her matchy matchy impulses. Add to the matchy mess, her white watch and white shades and you've got the beginnings of a sunny side up egg!Photo Source.

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