Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's Not Peachy Keen.

*Updates Below* I am very interested to see Malaika Khan's dress for little sis Amrita's wedding. Malaika has, in the past, trotted out a ladylike avatar - much to everyone's surprise - and looked fantastic. Amrita's bridesmaids wore dresses designed by Ashley Rebello who described the dresses as follows: "The bridesmaids are wearing varied shades of peach. They have a vintage look as well, with a big flair and a long trail. The gowns [sic] made of georgette, and embellished with copper diamonds."I don't believe Sallu's youngest sister Arpita was among the bridal party. However, here is a picture of her in a floor length peach dress that does seem to match Rebello's description. If she was in fact in the party, and this is a Rebello creation, then I have to admit, I am disappointed - especially after seeing the gorgeous design of Amrita's wedding dress. Let's wait and see.
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Updated Photo:Ugh. From what little we can see of Malaika, it looks like both she and Arpita were wearing Rebello creations. I'll update with full length pics as soon as I find 'em.
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Updated Photo 2: Well, finally, here they are in all their peachy glory. Is it me or do the bridesmaids resemble variations of the Peaches-n-Cream Barbie? If I had to pick, I guess Malaika's is the most tolerable design?Photo Source.

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