Friday, March 27, 2009

It's An Epidemic!

Isha Koppikar is the latest celeb to be spotted at a Bollywood event in - gasp - sweats! Isha attended Leena Mogre's bash clad in a velour jump suit. Just because it has the word "suit" in its name, does not make it a suit and therefore appropriate for anything other than running - errands or on a treadmill. Granted, Leena is the CEO of Gold's Gym India, and a celeb fitness consultant, but unlike Bipasha's event, this one does not appear to be at a gym, just hosted by a gym executive. I guess it's official. The ultra-casual bug has spread amongst the Bolly stars. Here's hoping an antidote is soon available. Manisha and Nandita are already victims.
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luna said...

why haven't u posted about pz apperance in ipl meeting !! plz post also in mai mumbai show in lakme fashion week

desipolitan said...

Don't fret, luna - I'll get right on it :)