Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Improvement Over Time?

On Day 2 of LFW, Preity was surprisingly boring in her LBD with gold paneling. The bright spot that day was her gold Bottega Veneta knot. Well, fast forward to Day 4, and PZ arrived in a bright, attention-grabbing Missoni dress with yet another BV Knot ... this time in a punchy orange. Snoozer no more! She is at fashion week after all, so it's nice to see her take risks with a shorter hemline and bold print. I'd say this one improved over time for sure!(L) Photo Source. (R) Photo Source.
Tabu attended the Asmita Marwa show onDay 1 in a LBD with a hemline that fell within the neither-here-nor-there region. Ideally, her dress would have either been floor length or at or above knee level. I like the floaty nature of the design as well as the eye-catching embroidery at the neckline. I am mystified with her decision to cover the one interesting aspect of her dress with her hair. Ah well. Come Day 3, and Tabu wore a printed maxi dress to the Vikram Phadnis show. The large print in an intersting color combo of turquoise and brown is certainly hard to miss, but I think the overall look is a tad casual - which is fine, but she shouldn't have recycled her blinged out clutch from Day 1. The clutch totally worked with her first outfit, but it sticks out like a sore .... errm clutch (?) when paired with the maxi.(L) Photo Credit: BCCL/Pratamesh Bandekar. (R) Photo Source.

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luna said...

love pz dress minus that belt!!
i want that pz color , color looks so to die for