Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fashion Forward.

Look how far our girl has come in just under one year! Last year, Freida attended a private screening of Slumdog Millionaire in Mumbai. The fuschia sheath was lukewarm, but by topping it with a coordinated poncho, the look became a total dud that did zero to flatter her. Fast forward one year, and check out Freida confidently strutting the red carpet in Milan clad in D&G. Stylist George K. has had quite the influence in grooming Freida's personal style and coaxing her inner fashionista out. And it's not just the fashion choices either. Her hair, makeup, and choice of accessories is calculated and glamorous.(L) Photo Source. (R) Photo Credit: Reuters Photos.


Aarti said...

that pink outfit totally overwhelms her...this is the first outfit i've seen thats bombed on her. :/

desipolitan said...

But take comfort in the fact that it was an entire year ago and she's come so far since then :)I know what you mean though...a little shocking to see something actually not look fab on Ms. Pinto.