Friday, March 13, 2009

Eye Sore Edition.

These ladies contributed more than their fair share of color and pattern fiascoes to Shilpa's Rajasthan Royals bash and to the Lakmé anniversary celebration. Rowr. Suchitra Pillai pulled a leopard print overkill. There is nothing attractive about her dress. Cue Shilpa Shetty on how to wear animal print. Next up, Ila Arun. I need sunglasses just to look at her multi-hued, multi-patterned salwaar suit. There's too much going on there. The tacky sequined border adds nothing to her look. At the Lakmé bash, the unidentified lady on the right appears to have lost her luggage and improvised with her hotel room comforter. That psychedelic, optical illusion of a print is way beyond OTT.
Photo Credit: BCCL.

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