Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dress Code?

Apparently there was a guy dress code at Shilpa's Rajasthan Royals bash at the Grand Hyatt. Vivek, Hrithik and Tushaar arrived wearing the black blazer, white shirt, dark denims combo. Hrithik was the only one to pull the look off - albeit with a little man cleavage, but no complaints here! Vivek's jacket seems to be a bit too boxy and ill-fitting, while Tushaar's jeans are too tight and he ruins his look with a white cotton tee rather than a crisp button down, and that jacket appears to be velvet or some derivative thereof.Photo Credit: BCCL. Photo Source.


Aarti said...

y'know, i could never actually find an indian man who looks good tucking his shirt into his pants. it works on caucasians with their long torsos.. but it falls flat on indian men :( Maybe it's the mid-rise jeans and big belt buckle.. i dunno. Weird huh?

desipolitan said...

Now that you mention it, Aarti, it is strange isn't it? Maybe it is the higher waist that makes it look odd? Reminds me of Abhishek and his high waisted denim disasters. Ugh.