Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cry For Help.

Manisha attended the Bokadia bash in an outfit that promoted her from auntyji to grandma. And that's just the least of the issues here. I'm honestly pained just looking at her picture. Her girls are crying out for help due to the ill-fitting undergarments which are doing nothing to support them. Add to that her go-to boring, slicked back bun and the bold red lip color with apparently no other makeup, and you have yet another Koirala sartorial faux pas. While it's true that you only want to play up one feature at a time, this doesn't mean that you totally ignore everything else. She needs a stylist, and a makeup artist pronto!Photo Source.


Kohl Girl said...

Hey, I saw your comment on my blog about subscriptions to Indian editions of Cosmo and Vogue. You can read entire issues of Cosmo online (but not Vogue). Just go to google and type in Cosmopolitan India and it will take you to the India today site. It is an emag and you can flip through it - not as nice as flipping through a paper magazine but at least its there!

desipolitan said...

Oooo, thanks Kohl Girl! I think you've given me a new pastime :)