Sunday, March 22, 2009

Color Confusion.

Newcomer, model-turned actress, Geetanjali Thappa attended the wrap party for her upcoming film Tina Ki Chaabi in an eye-catching hot pink sheath dress that appears to be made from raw silk. The cut, fit, length and color are fantastic. She was actually thisclose to complying with the Fashion Rules. That's right, people. There are rules. It's the choice of bright blue sandals that throws this look off. The rule in question is that you can colorize your wardrobe by anchoring your look with a neutral and pairing it with a kicky shade that is within the same color family. The reason Geetanjali was so close here, is that had she switched out the bright blue (not a neutral) heels for a pair of navy ones, she'd have nailed it! As hot pink is a blue-based tone, it would have worked well with navy, complied with the Rules, and maintained a fun and colorful appearance. In fact, she would have drawn a big kudos for boldly playing with color rather than sticking to safe neutrals as newbies are prone to do.Makeup-wise, no doubt Geetanjali is a natural beauty and surely doesn't require layers of makeup. However, for a party, it would have been nice if she had kicked it up a notch ever so slightly with sheer eye shadow, black liner and a glossy pout. The liner in particular is sorely missed - you'd be surprised how a little liner can take a look from daytime cas to evening glam. Photo Source.


BabyJanny said...

could not agree anymore about the makeup, it is way to barefaced!! and she needs some bronzer or blush or something, she almost looks sick!

and btw, i hateeeee her shoes, lol!

desipolitan said...

Oh good call about the bronzer - she definitely needs some color! I know the shoes are just killing me. ick.