Friday, March 20, 2009

Cas Done Right.

*Update Below* Check out this lovely lady at the Beguine Beauty Salon and Spa launch. She has absolutely nailed cute and casual yet interesting look! First off, she's got sleek, unfussy hair and minimal makeup so she looks fresh. She hasn't done anything extraordinary with her fashion choices, but she sure is chic. She's got a simple knit tee layered over a cami in neutral colors paired with well-fitting denims and pointy toe flats. Her black belt matches her tee. Her statement necklace is the focal point of her entire look with everything else "going with it" rather than competing with it for attention. Love this look for it's easygoing simplicity. By the way, anyone know who she is? Hat tip to "anonymous" for letting me know that this lovely lady is Karishma Lalani.Photo Source.


Anonymous said...

She's Karishma Lalani, a fashion stylist & model.

desipolitan said...

Thanks, Anon! That explains her stylishness!