Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another (Less Rare) Miss.

Fresh off her gold-on-gold-on-gold look which fell totally flat, Twinkle scores another miss at Amrita's reception. I'm unsure what is going on with this modified Anamika Khanna creation, but I know we've seen better out of Twinkle. This outfit is an east-meets-west fusion gone horribly wrong. So wrong that her bubblegum pink Kate Spade clutch and fab-u Kate Spade peep toes could do nothing to better the situation. How could she have improved the situation, you ask? Simple. Go with a shorter hemline on the skirt - knee length would be ideal - and pair with sheer or opaque tights not those awful leggings. Leggings ... at a wedding reception ... gah. And you all already know my feelings about tacking on odhnis with western-style outfits. Double gah. The gold brocade top is actually quite lovely, and would have looked excellent if balanced by smaller proportions on the bottom. I do like the risk taking concept by Anamika Khanna, it just falls flat here off the runway. Here's hoping Twinkle comes back on fashion fire at her next appearance. I can't handle a third post re. a Twinkle misstep.
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