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Madam Hema's School For Fashion Challenged Starlets.

We all know that Hema Malini is an accomplished bharatanatyam dancer and teacher, a fantastic actress and a style maven. I propose that Madam Hema open up a finishing school of sorts for confused Bollywood starlets where she can attempt to imbue in them her own high sense of fashion. Lord knows they need it! At the Neeta Lulla show at LFW, Sameera Reddy showed up in the most atrocious of prints. Lara Dutta was a top to bottom disappointment - and that hair ... I think maybe it is due for a trim or a reshaping at least. Neetu Chandra wore a dress in a lovely shade of blue - that's the only good thing I have to say about it. She paired it with closed toe heels which were way too businessy for the party vibe given off by the dress. As for Isha, well her dress is just ghastly. Period. Shriya Saran attended the show while wearing a dress she seems to have borrowed from Neetu - though it's actually a slightly different print. And perky Genelia wore a dress complete with rosettes tha…

Extreme Matching: LFW Edition.

Here's a look at Karishma Tanna at Day 1 of Lakmé Fashion Week which was also - coincidentally - the day of the Barbie tribute. Judging by Ms. Tanna's pink-on-pink-on-pink ensemble, one might (mistakenly) think she was walking as part of the "All Doll'd Up" show. She was not. I guess she got carried away with the Barbie theme and forgot that she was simply attending the show and not strutting down the catwalk. Honestly, the only way this much color-coordinated pink would be acceptable is if she was in fact walking the show. Somebody, pass me a Pepto Bismol. My stomach aches just looking at this.Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani.


I was beginning to think this day might never come! Vidya Balan attended the Sabyasachi Mukherjee show at LFW and this time, she was not clad in an anarkali. She was of course, draped in a lovely Sabyasachi creation. I love the sweetheart neck and the three quarter sleeves. But most of all, I'm happy she finally decided to change things up a bit! I think we were all getting a little tired of the same silhouette on the lovely Ms. Balan.Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani.

Lakmé Fashion Week: Vikram Phadnis.

Photo Credit: AFP Photo/Sajjad Hussain.Photo Credit: Getty Images.Photo Credit: Getty Images.Photo Credit: Getty Images.

Super Wow Showstoppers.

Remember Dimple and Kabir at Delhi Fashion Week for J.J. Valaya? Of course you do. They were magnificent. Well fast forward to Arjun and Mehr walking the ramp for Rohit Bal at the LFW "Mai Mumbai" charity show. These two are definitely my next fave show stopping couple. If the heavily embroidered design worn by Mehr looks familiar, it should, because it was first presented by Neha Dhupia at Gitanjali Luxury Style Fest.Photo Credit: AFP Photo/Pal Pillai.

2 x 2.

Sophie took her fave Loubies out for a spin at Asmita Marwa's show on Day 1 of Lakmé Fashion Week. I like her black skinny pants - you really can't go wrong with black - but not so much the billowy, ruffled blouse she's got on. I wish she'd dressed up more with an embellished silk top rather than jersey.Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani.
Meanwhile, on Day 3, Raveena attended LFW events in a most regretable repeat. A word to the wise, Raveena, LFW is not the time or the place to recycle your awful satin pants.Photo Source.

Boring Brigade.

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani.
These ladies took the fun out of celeb spotting at LFW. Pairing a dull grey color with unimaginative silhouettes (or in Anushka's case, denims), is a sure fire cure for insomnia! It's fashion week, ladies. Live a little! Yeesh.(L) Photo Credit: BCCL/Pratamesh Bandekar. (R) Photo Source.


Photo Credit: BCCL/Pratamesh Bandekar.
Let's start with what I love about Preity's outfit for LFW Day 2: "Mai Mumbai". I'm digging her gold Bottega Veneta Knot (minaudiere) and those peep toes. I couldn't agree with 'luna' more - the rest is a total snoozefest. I would have liked to see our reigning fashionista in something a little edgier than a plain ol' LBD. The gold panels on the sides aren't doing a whole lot to generate much visual interest here.(L) Photo Source. (R) Photo Source.

Lakmé Fashion Week: All Doll'd Up.

Day 1 of Lakmé Fashion Week got off to a pinker than pink start with a fiftieth anniversary tribute to the iconic doll, Barbie. With all my fashion references to Barbie, of course I had to cover the tribute show "All Doll'd Up" which showcased twenty winning designs inspired by Barbie. Marc Robinson directed the show which was full of sugar-n-spice and everything nice and also involved copious amounts of tulle. Whaddaya expect? It's Barbie!
Katrina Kaif in a Nishka Lulla design that epitomizes Barbie.
Photo Credit: BCCL/Pradeep Paliwal.Photo Credit: BCCL/Pradeep Paliwal.

Alesia Raut showcased a Nishka Lulla design.
Photo Credit: AFP/Pal Pillai.
Simran Kaur Mundi in Nishka Lulla.
Photo Credit: Reuters/Punit Paranjpe.
Model Radha in a Nishka Lulla creation.
Photo Credit: Reuters/Punit Paranjpe.
The show stopper was none other than little Chanel, daughter of Marc and Waluscha (D'Souza) Robinson. In her first appearance, she strutted down the ramp all smiles and confidence in…

Better Late Than Never.

Now that Lakmé Fashion Week is fully under way, I know it's a tad late, but this post remained un-posted from Delhi Fashion Week. Though it's tardy, I hope you'll indulge me! Anoushka Shankar attended Tarun Tahiliani's show dressed in a gingham frock posing as a maxi dress. Now, I rarely see a maxi dress that I don't love. But this one ... I think I'll pass. Bleh. Anoushka normally has an edgy, almost rocker girl style - I mean that in the most flattering sense - think chic not Avril Lavigne. But she disappointed at LFW. Photo Source.

The Old Switcheroo.

Your favorite savvy businesswoman and mine, Preity attended the recent IPL media day in a black, sleeveless tea length dress which she accessorized with an off-white belt cinching in at the waist which smartly balanced the fullness of the skirt (I'll try and swap out a full length pic if I can find one). While PZ has been prone to wearing red outfits to IPL events - we theorize that she's doing so for luck or to convey a message of power - she elected to change things up a bit and go with basic black. Red or black, PZ is always polished! I love! Photo Source.

It's An Epidemic!

Isha Koppikar is the latest celeb to be spotted at a Bollywood event in - gasp - sweats! Isha attended Leena Mogre's bash clad in a velour jump suit. Just because it has the word "suit" in its name, does not make it a suit and therefore appropriate for anything other than running - errands or on a treadmill. Granted, Leena is the CEO of Gold's Gym India, and a celeb fitness consultant, but unlike Bipasha's event, this one does not appear to be at a gym, just hosted by a gym executive. I guess it's official. The ultra-casual bug has spread amongst the Bolly stars. Here's hoping an antidote is soon available. Manisha and Nandita are already victims.
Photo Source.

Low Key.

Poor Bebo must be exhausted from all that filming. All those hot styling tools can fry a starlet's hair, and all that pancake makeup, well, it's not exactly beneficial for the skin. It looks like Bebo gave her tresses and face a break from the overstyling with a clean, fresh-faced look at the premiere of The International at Cinemax, Andheri West. Kareena is one lucky gal as she looks lovely even without a trace of makeup.I love her denims and lavender v-neck combo, and the neutral scarf and flip-flops are nice accents. She certainly looks effortlessly put together for a casual night out. I'm just not sure it's premiere material. For such an event, it's fine to go casual as the event dictates, but I'd take a page out of Karisma's book in terms of how casual to go. As cute as she looks, Bebo seems to be dressed for date night with her bf than a film premiere.Photo Source.

More Than Meets The Eye.

Shruti Sheth was a top-down disaster at the 20-20 Comedy Circus launch. At first glance, the one-shoulder dress actually looks lovely on her. It hugs her body in the right places without stretching too much, the length is lady-like, and that purple jewel tone is divine. Unfortunately, once your eyes travel downward, here's what you see (brace yourself):
Gah! Those are some awful, ill-fitting sandals and they ruin her look! Never neglect your accessories as they can (as Shruti demonstrates) make or break a look. To go with the demure length of the dress, she needed a pair of thin strapped, mile-high heels not these clunkers.
Photo Source.

Extreme Matching: Makeup Edition.

Looks like the matchy matchy makeup continues for Nigar at the launch of the 20-20 Comedy Circus at Mohan Studio in Andheri. Needless to say, I'm still not a fan. The way I see it, if you're not a bride (or an actress playing a bride) , and if you're wearing a heavily blinged sari to an event (again, an event that is not your own real/fictitious wedding), there is no need to go for Extreme Matching eye shadow - let the sari speak for itself. Granted, this is an improvement over her last look, but I would venture that this is a more evening appropriate makeup look, and as you can tell by the bright Mumbai sunlight, evening it is not. I like the color and ombre effect of the sari. Not loving the flashy blouse and definitely not loving her style of leaving the pallu loose. Nigar is yet another Bolly starlet in need of Sari Draping 101.
Photo Source.

The Scarf Is To SRK What The _____ Is to Saif?

Yes, another SAT verbal question to get those brain cells workin'. Answer (as I'm sure you've all already figured out because you're sharp like that): bandanna. The King Khan wore yet another version of his ratty, tattered scarf obsession to an IPL press meet recently. Ever a slave to the King Khan's style statements, Saifu rolled out his own fashion obsession, the handy bandanna. Handy, that is, if you are a contractor and by virture of your trade, you're outdoors all day in the heat and require it to mop up your sweat. Methinks the Chhote Nawab has people to that sort of thing for him. Which begs the question, why does he in need a do-rag while attending a producers meeting in Mumbai? Answers? Anyone?Photo Source.

Waterproof? Maybe. Smudgeproof? I Think Not.

Ever since high school, I have been a liquid/gel eye liner addict. I switched on and off between products, and until recently, I've relied on MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack. Here's what the MAC site says about this product:
Ultra-smooth, Fluidline’s gel formula provides the precision of a liquid liner with a silkier, softer finish. Goes on “foolproof” with a brush in an easy dip-and-stroke action. Long-wearing. Smudge-proof. I have to tell you, that description is on the money. It goes on like a breeze, dries in a ziff and is very smudge resistant - even in the humidity. What it makes no promise of being, however, is waterproof. Browsing my local Sephora, I came across Make Up For Ever's Waterproof Eye Liner. Here's what Sephora says about it:
Swim, sweat, and tears are no match for MAKE UP FOR EVER's Waterproof Eyeliner. The durable formula lasts all day .... Not bad right? So, while I had no complaints with my Fluidline, I thought I'd give this a shot. I did a l…

Model Behavior.

Carol Gracias shows us she's a model with a killer sense of style. At the DW tv press conference at the Taj, Carol paired her smart, white frock with quirky blue accessories and gold peep toes. Since the dress itself is billowy on top, she kept the hemline short to compensate and thus avoided the potato sack look. Also, while her head wrap, blue croc clutch and necklace all share a blue shade, they are each unique pieces and not at all matchy. Also the metallic pumps help break up the stark blue/white combo.Photo Source.

Of Hemlines And Mock Necks.

Our leggy lass, Deepika made a guest appearance on SRK's reality tv show Knights and Angels and considering that with her frame, just about anything will look good on her, she picked a dress that teeters on the unflattering. The fullness and possibly the hemline of the dress, coupled with the mock neck generate a matronly and none too chic look for Deepika. Clearly, the mock neck has got to go - it reminds me of a leotard one might wear for gym class. On Deepika's model's body, a slightly shorter hemline (just a smidge shorter) plus a more fitted silhouette would do wonders. However, this is not to suggest that Deepika is restricted to body-hugging styles! She could go for a bubble hem and swingy movement but as you can tell from the side view, what she's got on here, is neither swingy nor a bubble's more like a stiff bell shape. I'd also like to see her try some up-dos every now and then. As it stands, Deepika has two hair styles: long, mermaid tendri…

More Than Meets The Eye.

At the Pallavi Jaipur collection showcase at Rio Lounge, Sonakshi at first glance, looks quite fetching in a floral print top paired with denims. Granted, the pattern of the top is a little juvenile, but she's young so what the heck. The moment of zen is shattered, however, when Sonakshi stands up. Oh the horror!
First off, what appeared to be a youthful top, is actually a dress which is much too long to be worn over denims. Next, she's paired skinny jeans with ... sneakers. Gah. First Neetu, then Manisha, and now this. Listen, S, just because your kicks are gold, does not make them a suitable substitute for say a metallic heel, or any heel for that matter. Furthermore, skinny jeans + sneakers + too long top = disproportionate shape. Her torso looks much too long and her legs appear oddly short. This is not a good look by any stretch. I wish she'd stayed seated the entire time.
Photo Source.

Fugtacular Fug.

Ms. Koirala's recent appearances have been extremely underwhelming. But nothing. I mean nothing, prepared me for this. Manisha attended a special screening of Firaaq looking like she jumped off her treadmill and jogged ten miles to the theater. WTF is this?! Someone needs to sit her down and carefully explain the Sweatsuit Theorem. Yeesh. She needs to lose the sneakers and sweats, comb that hair and apply at least a small amount of makeup to look presentable.Photo Source.

International Sensation.

Photo Source.
Piggy Chops accepted an award at the Asian Film Awards in Hong Kong in a glittering Manish Malhotra creation. I love when our Bolly celebs go the traditional route when they are abroad. I know, I know, it's a little cheesy, but I feel that when they're travelling internationally it's always nice when they throw in an Indian outfit into the mix as they are serving as both celebrities and cultural ambassadors. And much as the LBD saves the day at western events, so too, the sari is always an excellent option when the "what should I wear" dilemma strikes. The sari itself is par for the course for MM. I do wish the blouse was slightly more substantial. The halter blouse treads precariously close to its awful cousin, the strapless sari blouse. I'm really not digging Priyanka's return to the slightly puffy hair do. Sleek = good!

A Time And A Place.

Only in the rarest of rare circumstances would I ever condone the wearing of sweats to any kind of event. As I've said time and again, promotional events are part of a celebrity's job description so if Joe Accountant wouldn't wear sweats to the office, why should Joe Celebrity wear them to a press meet? So basically, the stars have to align just so for me to state that sweats were a-ok. Bips attended an event at Gold's Gym in Bandra either just prior to or just after her own workout. Look at her: she's fresh faced, with her ipod ready to blast tunes. She's at the gym both to workout, and to attend an event which happens to be at the gym. So there you have it. It is perfectly acceptable to wear work out clothes when: (a) you yourself are about to work out, and (b) the event in question is at your gym. That's the rule, peeps.Posing with Dino Morea.
Photo Source.
Now, let's have a looksee at Nandita who attended the Lakmé Fashion Week press meet in velor swe…

x 2: Family Edition.

(L) Photo Source. (R) Photo Source.
Anyone else notice the similarity? It's been two years so saasuji Jaya probably figured nobody would notice. Plus, she probably scoffed, "and why the hell would I care if they did? I'll wear what I want." Right on, Madam J. But still, I wonder. Is it the teeniest, tiniest homage to your daughter in law? I mean, not only is it nearly identical, it's also in that pastel blue Aishwarya seems to favor. Ok before Madam J throws one of her trademark severe looks my way, I'll go ahead and stop. That is some wrath I certainly don't want to incur! While the salwaar suit is nearly identical to the one worn by Aishwarya in 2007 at Ashray Children's Home, I have to say, for a welcome change, Madam J wears her's well. While I favor Aishwarya's white version because it breaks up the blue a bit, and I'm not terribly crazy of baby blue anyway, Madam J looks lovely as well at the Shobojit Kaushal art event. For once, she&…

Wills India Fashion Week: J.J. Valaya.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.Photo Credit: AP Photo.Photo Credit: Reuters Pictures.

Wills India Fashion Week: Tarun Tahiliani.

Photo Credit: BCCL/Ranjit Kumar.