Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Which Of These Things Just Doesn't Belong?

FICCI-FRAMES, dubbed as "Asia's Largest Convention on the Business of Entertainment" launched in Mumbai with an opening night gala in which FICCI partnered with IIFA to honor Bollywood's leading ladies for their respective contributions to Indian cinema. You'll notice that Piggy Chops returned to the très familiar Karen Millen satin sheath style only this time with a winged hem and contrasting silver peep toe loubies (I'm very much on the fence about whether this works). Bebo's lime green sari was only ok and I didn't care much at all for Shilpa's sari - what is with the feathery fringe? Update: this avian sari was a Tarun Tahiliani creation. So while PZ looks cuter than the rest in her denim, I have to ask if it was dressy enough for this particular occasion (I do love her loubies though!). Update: PZ's cropped jacket is by John Galliano for Dior. Thanks, 'luna'.Photo Source.


luna said...

ohh she had to attend the meeting so she wasn't all not dreesy n all
n the jacket is from dior
but i like her in this she looks quite good !!

desipolitan said...

It's true, Luna. She does look lovely. Though the denims seem a tad underdressed, I would take her look over any of the "dressed up" ladies any day!