Saturday, February 21, 2009

What Will She Wear?

The lovely and talented Freida appeared on Access Hollywood recently as the show's "Oscars Style Star of the Week." Catch the clip here. First off, let's just note how breezy and cas she looks in her skinny black denim and mile-high heels topped off with a leather jacket over a royal blue tee. Skinny jeans = the number one must-have of any starlet. Freida was her bubbly self as she chatted with host Maria Menounos about the joys of dressing up for the red carpet in designer gowns. With LA-based stylist and fashion editor, George Kotsiopoulos in tow, Freida donned several Oscar-worthy gowns backstage (I must say, kudos to George for orchestrating Freida's fabulous "fashion tour de force"). A sunny Roberto Cavalli and a minty Zac Posen emerged as the favorites. Ever the savvy starlet, Freida didn't commit to anything on camera, so her dress for the Oscars remains a mystery. Which means we're all left wondering what our favorite leading lady will choose for Sunday night!

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