Friday, February 27, 2009

Sometimes It Is Just Black or White.

Piggy Chops inaugurated Studio Aesthetic at JVPD Scheme, and in keeping with the apparent black and white theme, PC wore a floaty black and white top, with cigarette pants which have a straight-leg, ankle-length silhouette and sit just below her waist. The ciggie pants are a difficult look to pull off for most women, but PC is blessed with a long and lean frame. I am a little concerned by the wrinkliness of the pants which makes me question whether she's got the right size or maybe it's a material issue. The problem with her look as a whole is that she's got too many competing textures in black. Her top is either cotton or jersey, while her pants are probably a cotton-satin blend (hence the sheen), and her sandals have either a black patent leather strap or a shiny sequined strap (it's hard to tell from the pic) - but either way, they're super shiny. The incongrouance is more noticeable when you're working with one color (here: black). If she just had a matte top with a satin finish bottom, that wouldn't be too terrible, but the mega watt shoes put it over the edge.Photo Source.
Sunita Gowariker and Neeta Lulla also complied with the black and white dress code. Being a designer, you always expect something a little unusual from Neeta. While there is way too much going on with her blouse for my taste, she carries it off as her personal style statement. Sunita, on the other hand, sorely disappoints. Her top is even less inspired than PC's top which was safe-to-the-point-of-being-boring. And that bag. Now I'm no expert, but I think there's a strong chance it's a knockoff. That's the rub though isn't it? If you dress cheaply, no one is going to believe that you are toting around a $2000 handbag.

Despite the looks of things, there is a chance the bag is legit. In which case, all I have to say is that it is hideous and cannot justify blowing a grand or more. Hell, it's so ugly, I wouldn't even waste my time looking at it. In truth, Fendi has lately come up with some real monstrosities. Anyone recall the "To You" bag (pictured below)? Here comes my rant. Luxe handbag or not, I am not a fan of bags covered in monograms/logos and I hate patchwork (particularly of the animal skin variety). My theory is that the savvy designers have figured out that people with cash to burn will buy just about anything if you slap on a label and a $1000+ price tag; it's like these people go into label shock and cease being able to comprehend ugliness. From a purely business perspective, I think the designers may have a point: if people will shell out tons of cash for ugly, why not sell ugly? Or, it's possible that it's the world's biggest inside joke - I can totally picture high end designers competing amongst themselves on which label can sell the ugliest handbag. That would certainly explain the "To You" wouldn't it?

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