Saturday, February 28, 2009

Skanky Sarifest.

*Update Below* Payal Rohtagi had the skanky non-blouse blouse and the middle-of-the-girls pallu, plus the ultra low rise draping. What's missing from her skanky look? Ahh. Of course! She must call more attention to her overexposed middriff - what better way to do so than a jhummka! [Much sarcasm intended].Photo Credit: BCCL/Shriram Vernekar.
Mughda Godse tossed aside any good fashion sense she has been developing, by skanking up an otherwise unobjectionable, black chiffon sari. First, she opted for the pallu-down the middle where it is completely useless, and added a bra-errr-"blouse" so-shiny I think it could be plastic. Thanks, ladies. Way to ruin what is usually a beautiful event look.Photo Source.
Update: I really didn't think it was possible for Sabyasachi to look bad, but Bong babe Bips proved me wrong. No sari - I don't care who the designer is - looks good when the "blouse" closely resembles lingerie or swimwear. We've definitely seen more than a couple of Manish Malhotra creations ruined in a similar way. Bips, maybe you should take a look at La Rai to learn how to do Sabyasachi justice.Photo Source.

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