Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The Telegraph reports that so-called high-end nightclubs in New Delhi are jumping by the droves on the bandwagon of ... get this, banning traditional Indian attire at their venues. Read the full article here. This outrageous move prompts me to respond with a resounding really? in the manner of Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler. So then would these lovely ladies from Masti now constitute persona non grata at Delhi's so hawt they're kool discos?Really? You want to ban patrons dressed in saris, salwaar suits, mojadi? "How can a woman dance wearing a sari? It attracts unwanted attention,"asked an incredulous manager of a Ghaziabad club. REALLY?! But skanked out hoochie mamas are toooootally fine.

I will concede that it would not be my personal choice to wear a sari to a club, but the idea of banning others from doing so really irks me. What's next? Banning people dressed in Indian attire from ordering a burger and fries at McDonald's because it would somehow "lower the tone" of the quintessential American establishment? If that happened, desis would be up in arms about the double standard. When British country clubs made similar pronouncements, I am certain that desis were outraged by the hypocrisy, and yet now desis themselves are imposing such rules.

And don't get me wrong. I totally understand about maintaining an uppercrust image and banning chappals for being too casual for a high-end atmosphere. Go ahead. Ban flip flops or jeans or shorts or t-shirts or lungis, but leave the sari alone! As far as I am concerned, the sari is about as elegant and formal as you can get, people. Ban the slovenly types, or at the very least, institute some sort of protocol whereby you can distinguish the truly formal saris from the run-of-the-mill ordinary ones - how about, silk is in while cotton is out? I would love to see a brute of a bouncer ask a lady, "Madam, is this real zaari?"Photo Source.

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