Friday, February 27, 2009

A Rare Miss.

We're so used to Twinkle delivering fashionable hit after hit, that a rare misstep is jarring. Aussie pop star joined the Khanna-Kumars for a lunch date. For the occasion, Twinkle appears to have bathed in gold. At last count, she's got a gold blouse, gold watch, gold belt, and gold shoes. Add to that, her Native American-inspired statement necklace (which big as it is, gets lost in all the gold), and her chocolate brown Birkin, well it's all too overwhelming. If she'd kept her color palette neutral and toned down, and her other accessories (i.e. bag, shoes, watch, belt) more minimalist, I think the necklace would have made the statement she intended it to make. As it stands, I think Twinkle overthought this one.Kylie's currently in Mumbai to (what else?) record a music video for the forthcoming film, Blue, starring (who else?) Akki. She was a delight in her summery polka dot dress - instead of going demure in black and white, she kicked it up to rockstar style with electric blue. I love her fierce gladiator-esque sandals.Akki looks great in a crisp white shirt and denims. Those are some bright yellow loafers he's got on though. I love yellow and all, but egg yolk yellow on shoes makes it look likes he's got duck feet. I much prefered the silver Louis Vuitton "Monte Carlo" loafers he wore to the Levi's 501 launch last year. On that note, ladies, enjoy this bit of man candy to kickstart your weekend! Happy Friday.Photo Source.

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