Monday, February 23, 2009

More Oscars Fashion.

*Updates Below* Loveleen Tandon showed us her spot on fashion sense once again at the Oscars. I'm still searching for a better picture, but in the meantime, check out her absolutely gorgeous sari! Look carefully and you'll notice the contrast between the muted blouse, red pallu and below, a peek of my favorite deep green with gold buti design on her sari. Stunning.Photo Credit: AP/Chris Carlson.Photo Credit: Reuters Photos.Photo Credit: Reuters Photos.Photo Credit: Getty Images.
Freida and Dev weren't the only fashionable duo representing Slumdog Millionaire at the Oscars! How fabulous were A.R. Rahman and his wife Saira on the red carpet? Saira donned a gorgeous chudidaar suit by Sabyasachi and carried a Judith Leiber clutch. A.R. Rahman wore a Lanvin suit and Satya Paul tie on the carpet, but switched it up to a killer Sabyasachi suit onstage. Way to represent! Speaking of his performance, the live rendition of O Saya was pulsating yet lyrical, and Jai Ho really made you want to pump your fist in the air as enthusiastically as Anil, and shout "Jai Ho!" along with A.R. Rahman. I think many viewers unfamiliar with Rahman as we Bollyphiles are, were surprised that he not only is a composer and songwriter, but also a damn good singer. The man is an incredible talent.Photo Credit: Getty Images.Photo Credit: Getty Images.Photo Credit: AP/Matt Sayles.
Update: From a fashion perspective, ARR was a hit onstage, but I have to ask: What is the deal with choli and hot pink spandex leggings combo? Did Oscars moneymen cut off the costume designer for the best song medley? Did the distraught designer rush to American Apparel and grab shiney+tight leggings to replace actual ghagras? No. that can't be because during O Saya the dancers did in fact have ghagras on. So something in the choreographer's "creative vision" demanded that the ghagras be removed for Jai Ho? It totally made it feel like the dancers were still in dress rehearsal and being lazy about donning their entire outfit for practice. By the way, those leggings do belong under a ghagra - dancers routinely wear them under their ghagras for decency purposes.

Ok, I get it, you were going for a big flashy change to distinguish between the two songs, but there are more artful ways of doing this. The choreographer and director of the performance could've taken a cue from Bollywood stage shows where the performers (particularly the actresses) routinely layer several outfits so that they can make creative costumes changes onstage mid-performance. Photo Credit: Mark J. Terrill/AP Photo.Photo Credit: Reuters.
The female singers who shared the stage with ARR during the medley (not Maya Arulpragasam as some sources indicate) were lovely and talented. Their kurtas were bright and embellished and perfect for the stage (by now you know I am partial to this sunny shade), however, why were they wearing shiny blue leggings under her kurta. Why?!Photo Credit: Reuters.Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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