Monday, February 23, 2009

LD Hit And Miss?

Lara Dutta attended the Do Knot Disturb press meet looking very boho-chic in a bright floral tunic. No starlet does a cat eye like the fab LD, and the glossy pink lips are a perfect finishing touch along with the hoop earrings. Unfortunately, all happy hippy trippy thoughts vanish when we get a fuller look at LD and realize she's committing a major fashion faux pas: the dreaded too-short top. A tunic like LD's with the stretchy waist should usually go one size up to avoid the tunic creep-up. LD has a fantastic body and the short top doesn't create unflattering body issues for her, but let's be real. It just looks a little teeny bopper sloppy which is uncharacteristic for the usually fabulously put together LD.Photo Source.

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