Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jai Ho!

Come Sunday, we'll be looking out for more than Freida, Dev, Anil et all. Prolific Bollywood composer A.R. Rahman, the man behind the Slumdog Millionaire score, is up for - count 'em - 3 Academy Awards. Check out A.R. Rahman on The Tonight Show. With the sheer number of musicians and dancers involved, it was more of an act than a musical performance. And while Rahman's signature pulsating, synthesized beats fell a little flat in the live performance, and the choreograhpy was a little too choppy (though well sychronized), it's certainly worth a watch. Keep a look out for Freida making an appearance at the beginning and Dennis Miller impersonating Anil. It's a hoot. By the way, Jay, it's A.R. not A.J. - can't you read your flippin' cue card? Pssshhh.

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