Friday, February 13, 2009

Hinduja Wedding.

I feel this may be an oft-updated post as I come across snaps of gaudily dressed celebs at Ambika Hinduja's wedding reception. The couple of the hour was classy and truly a cut above the rest. Ambika's sari is heavy without being OTT. She wore a heavy necklace, but kept everything else to a minimum. I like that she went with rubies rather than going matchy matchy with diamonds. Guys in sherwanis ... it's hard to go wrong!Isha Koppikar was ...well...the best we've seen her in a long, long, looooong time! Maybe her boy toy is having a positive influence on her style choices. If so, psssst, Isha, he's a keeper!
While her sari was not all that bad (a little flashy in color but otherwise ok), Is Elvis - oops I mean Bappi - wearing a leisure suit to a wedding?! When did that become acceptable? Bappi Lahiri and his wife are by and far the most blinged out couple in Bollywood. I can think of a couple of rappers they'd make proud!
Sophie? Well Sophie is Sophie. She hearts skankalicious saris. Although I must say that the color and detailing of this sari are not half bad! I actually kind of like it. The blouse, on the other hand...somebody explain it to me. I just don't understand what's going on there.This last group of people: WTF. Is this a joke?! Who are these trashy people? Is this what Indian trailer trash looks like? They look like they're stoned out of their minds (which may be the only logical explanation for their attire). Photo Source.Updates: I think Abhi-baby's had a man-makeover. The desi-fro is gone! Looks like he learned a thing or two while filming Dostana. Both Abhi and Ritesh look very GQ in their suits. Looks like these pals also coordinated their facial hair grooming. Coordinated or not, at least it's groomed! Designer Manish Malhotra did not disappoint...and those cheekbones - swoonworthy! Fardeen and Zyed on the other hand, what is with the velvet and ciggies? Vomit. Raveena and hubby Anil Thadani make a well-coordinated, albeit boring, couple. I wish she'd lose the gold chappals though and trade them in for a pair of real heels or even a strappy sandal. Looks like Hrithik pulled out his mint green shirt from the Star Screen Awards, in an effort to complement Suzanne's dazzling pink sari. Not sure that the green really works. Sridevi - as always - looks lovely in her georgette sea foam sari. I usually dislike thin straps on sari blouses, but this one works. I just wish she would have draped it properly instead of leaving one of her girls hanging out. The makeup was appropriately low key given that the sari drew enough attention on its own. She wisely didn't go all matchy matchy with a sea foam clutch, and instead chose gold. Her jewelry was perfectly understated with her sari. Mallika Khan was only ok with her heavily blinged sari. As far as pinks go, Sussi's ombre sherbet pink with a contrasting blouse was better than Mallika's all-pink pepto bismol look.Shakti-look how greasy I am-Kapoor attended the festivities with wife Shivangi and daughter Shraddha. Shivangi is clearly a lovely and very youthful looking lady, but she could use some undereye concealer! Shraddha was blessed with her mother's genes rather than her father's grease, and was glowing in teal and purple. I like the sheath-like design of her kurta as well as the detailing at the neckline. I wish that the chudidaar wasn't sheer. I mean really. What is the point of a see-through chudidaar? Also could've done without the lace trim on the dupatta.This lovely lady - probably some industrialist's wife - was red done right at the daytime events. However, her nighttime look was better suited for a movie premiere than a wedding reception. Speaking of inappropriate attire, the satin-heavy dress on another guest, was more baby doll than evening attire. I don't even need to comment on the actual lehnga worn by another guest because she looks like she's about to burst out of her corset blouse - just goes to show you, a bad fit will ruin every outfit.This woman shows us that gaudy taste is not restricted to desi ladies. Even non-Indians are capable of OD'ing it. I'm sure you are an important guest, and orange is totally acceptable at colorful desi weddings, but as you are not the bride, the train is a bit much!Warning: this image might leaving a searing vision after viewing. You may need to avert your eyes rapidly. What. Is. This. The only words I can muster are: holy hell. Is this some kind of Vegas-style entertainment act, or is this person an actual wedding guest?! Horrors.Photo Source: Viral Bhayani.

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