Saturday, February 28, 2009

Grace Under Yards Of Chiffon.

Update: designer Wendell Rodericks was responsible for this pseudo-maternity look. Lisa Ray launched the Rado store at Cr2 Mall in Churchgate in an extremely floaty+drapey - verging on maternity - style dress. With her eyes, that color is exquisite. But the point of this post is that with her natural grace, Lisa makes this dress - which IMHO is otherwise rather unflattering - work. I think she specifically, and not so much the dress itself, looks great. Better put, I think she looks fab inspite of the shortcomings of that dress. You'll see, the top picture outdoors is only ok. But when she gets inside and strikes a pose, wow. And those peep toes in grey are a nice touch! So glad she didn't go all matchy with the shoes.Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani.

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