Friday, February 20, 2009

The Delhi Premiere.

After glittering premieres in NYC and Dubai, the stars of Delhi 6 were out in full force at the Hotel Galaxy in Gurgaon, for the hometown premiere. All eyes were fully fixed upon Sonam in her gold and bronze Anamika Khanna suit and traditional hair.Photo Source.Photo Source.
Abhi-baby was about as sharp as we've ever seen him. And while wifey certainly looks lovely, you would think she'd pick out a fab new outfit rather than sticking to the pale, pastel chudidaar silhouette that she was so addicted to, and dare I say, carting out an outfit last worn to the London and India Partners in Globalisation event way back in 2007? She did trade in a matching clutch for a gold one, but other than that, ditto!Photo Source.

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