Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bone To Pick.

If you are a celebrity in your own right, or somehow connected to a celeb (she's Sallu's sister) and therefore important enough to be red carpet relevant, and you are going to take the trouble to dress up to attend an event (she's dressed in a Gauri & Nainika number), why why why can't you put some bleddy makeup on, Arpita Khan?! I'm not trying to pick on her or anything, but by attending Bollywood events, it's like you are signing an implicit agreement that you understand that you will in all probability be photographed, and that you should make yourself presentable at the very least. Arpita confuses the heck out of me. She obviously enjoys strutting the red carpet. She goes to the length of picking out a snazzy dress and pairing it with some accessories even, but she can't be bothered to get her hair done or put on some makeup - even natural looking makeup would be fine! Yeesh.Photo Source.


DeeplyDip said...

i know i keep thinking the same thing...i am sure people around her must be advising her the same too...but maybe she has an allergy to makeup? or some other medical reason for not being able to apply cosmetcis?

desipolitan said...

I know right, DeeplyDip! She probably does have some condition, but there's got to be some products out there that are hypoallergenic or made for super sensitive skin. arrrrgh. It can't be totally hopeless, right?