Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back In (Yawn) Black.

*Update Below* Sush attended the Filmfare Awards with her signature smokin' hot hair and makeup, but she was swimming in black ... again, which put a total damper on her look. Sushmita has such beautiful, Bengali looks, a fantastic body and she is so youthful that her addiction to black is inexplicable. Typically, you find this phenomenon among women desperate to hide some perceived body flaw. When you look like Sushmita though, you have to wonder ... WHY? Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani.
Update: 'Anu' made a very interesting comment about wearing black to blend into the background and not necessarily to hide anything. It got me thinking. Black is such a versatile and safe color - it's very difficult to go wrong with it, and it's usually quite flattering. In my own wardrobe I often gravitate toward black pieces, particularly on days where I just want to pass unnoticed, or days when I'm pressed for time, I know I can't go wrong with black. However, (you knew there had to be a however), I hammer Sush for her oh-so-boring choices, not because I hate black, but because the very nature of being a celebrity attending glamorous events, is that people are going to be looking at you. For us non-starlets, on the other hand, we are certainly entitled to our black, blend-in days! Lucky us, eh? Thanks for the comment, 'Anu'!

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Renu said...

she is looking drab and plump ugh !