Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bachchan Brigade.

The younger Bachchans have had a rather hectic couple of weeks - what with La Rai touring for Pink Panther 2 promotions, Abhi setting records while promoting Delhi 6, and La Rai filming for Mani Ratnam's Ravaana in Kolkatta. Abhi-baby looks sharp as he's been looking of late. Wifey Aishwarya is positively glowing - looks like she brought a little Bengali flavor back with her to Mumbai - in her Sabyasachi creation. I love that Aishwarya opted for a sleek, low chignon as opposed her usual loose hair. Also, I am a fan of her batua that "goes with" her sari though it doesn't match it. Bollywood starlets often forget that accessories need only go with the look, not matchy match it.
AB Senior appears to have traded in velvet for satin. The man loves his shiny fabrics doesn't he?Photo Credit: BCCL/Shriram Vernekar.

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