Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Krystle D'Souza's Ganesh Utsav roundup

The festive Ganesh Utsav season has drawn to a close, but this blogger still has a few looks from the festivities to comment upon. Here we see Krystle D'Souza wearing three very different outfits. Number 1 strikes me as simply too fussy. Number 2 seems to strike the right balance between festive and wearable. And lastly, number 3 appears to be borrowed from the sets of a live-action Aladdin film. Too Jasmine-y.
Original images via @pinkvillafashion

Frxxxtion Stick

Tarte Skincare recently introduced this innovative little cleanser. Designed for all skin types, it's particularly targeted for those with oily skin, pore concerns, and uneven skin tone. The nifty little Frxxxtion Stick is also touted as a three-in-one exfoliator, cleanser, and face mask. Now, I'll be honest, I was only interested in the first two; I have several face masks to which I am deeply committed (but more on that later). After dampening your skin, you simply twist up the product and gently rub it all over your face. The sensation is mildly gritty. After massaging it into your skin with your fingertips, you just rinse and blot your face dry. Quick and easy! 

I would definitely not use it to remove makeup even though it is a suggested use. Rubbing the stick into a face full of makeup would just gunk up the stick. It's good for a quick morning cleanse though, or a post work-out once over. I probably won't be using it as my daily cleanser. But it will free up space in my travel kit; plus no spill worries since it's a solid. The best quality about this product is its portability. I'm keeping it for my travel kit.

Floral elegance

Have a look at more stunning thread work; this time, courtesy of Neeta Lulla. The floral designs were inspired by Vrindavan gardens. In the last shot, it seems like floral petals rained down upon Pooja and landed just so on her pale, gold lehenga. Love it!

Photos via: @houseofneetalulla, @hegdepooja

Monday, September 12, 2016

Two Faced Mascara Melt-Off

We all love mascara that doesn't budge, but who enjoys nightly battles with mascara removal? Not I. Which is why I was excited to give this product a whirl. It promises quick, easy, and effective mascara removal. I simply applied a coat to my lashes using the kind of wand you would expect for lower lash mascaras. I let the product remain on my lashes as I washed my face (approx. two minutes). I used a cotton pad soaked in my favorite eye-makeup remover to gently sweep off the mascara.
The Mascara Melt-Off definitely speeds up the mascara removal process, with significantly less tugging and rubbing of lashes. I felt that the results were a more thorough mascara removal than makeup remover alone.

That said, the directions stated to use a cotton pad to wipe off the mascara; but I found that you most definitely need to soak the pad in your usual remover. Also, I should note that I tested it on non-waterproof mascara. I have no idea how effective it would be in the case of waterproof formulas!

Final thoughts: I will repurchase it again. While it's definitely not a one-step/one-product solution, it gets the job done with substantially less manhandling of delicate lashes, and I woke up without raccoon eyes.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

A strong sip of merlot: who wore it best?

I'm going to award a boozy desipolitan to Mrs. Kundra. Poor Bhumi is just overwhelmed by all that material; her jumpsuit is not doing anything positive for her petite frame. Meanwhile, not only does Shilpa have the long, lithe figure needed for this look, she also wisely plays with the wine-inspired tones to add balance to her look.

'90s reboot or re-don't?

Ameesha Patel (you know, that chick best known for Kaho Na Pyaar Hain ... I kid but you do have to dig far to remember her films), graced a store launch in an uninspiring, yet unobjectionable outfit. That is, until I got a look at the thick-cuffed jeans and chunky trainers look. If you are hell-bent on resurrecting the '90s with the chunky sneakers (and I do not recommend this), at least pair them with flared or, at the very least, bootcut, denim.
For someone attempting to finally launch a comeback, you'd think she'd make greater effort at these public appearances; at least as long as someone is willing to pay for the appearances. Yes.
Photos via pinkvilla

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Unapologetically bold

Not everyone could look as good as Neha does in so much of a bold print. She manages, with the help of a statement gold chocker and sleek hair, to avoid the appearance of swimming in a shower curtain.