Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Brooklyn Artists Ball

We're so used to seeing Ms. Padma as the host of TV's "Top Chef", it may slip our minds that she was first, and foremost, a model. Well, her appearance at the Ball jolted the memory of Padma's modeling days. Holy insanely tight abs!
Image via Vogue
Now as for her look, overall, it's not working. I'm digging the so-now crop tops with the longish sleeves. However, my personal preference is for the crop top to be paired with bottoms with a higher rise such that only a sliver of skin is exposed. Clearly, Padma subscribes to the "go big or go home" approach. She paired her crop top with a maxi skirt (also by Payal Singhal) slung ultra-low on her hips. This resulted in a maximum swath of super-fit-abs exposed. I get that she must be proud of her fit body. She's had a baby, so we know she's put in effort. However, this look is just way too overexposed IMHO.

Education Boutique 2014 launch

At first blush, Soha looked chic at this event. A closely tailored dress in an on trend color? What's not to like, right? Wrong. She went all matchtastic with those suede pumps. Black accessories. Swap in black heels and a black box clutch, and this would've been a great look for Soha. Also, I get that it's probably crazy hot in Mumbai at this time of the year, but if you're going for a body-skimming dress in that heat, and in an unforgiving royal blue, then you better be toting dress shields in your clutch, because as Soha clearly demonstrates below, half-moons flatter no one.

More from Swades Foundation fundraiser

La Shetty was uncharacteristically blah in her columnar style dress. Something is amiss with the bodice of the dress - a touch too Madonna circa-"Vogue" if you know what I mean. Which is a shame, because the embroidery and the color are really quite lovely.

Sporty much?

I love Konkona's vast collection of handloom saris as much as the next person. But pairing this gorgeous sari with what appears to be a rashguard? Inventive? Yes. Best use of a rashguard? I don't think so. Save it for the pool, lady.
Image via Vogue
Meanwhile, I know we're all excited for the warmer weather, but come on, Sussanne. Attending the grand opening of the Pearl Academy's Mumbai campus in tennis whites? Honestly? I'm glad you hit the courts in the morning, but please do consider wearing an actual outfit next time you launch something or the other.
Image via Pearl Academy

Swades Foundation charity auction fundraiser

I believe the Vikram Phadnis designs worn by celebrities at this event were auctioned off in support of the Swades Foundation. Lucky us! There were many gorgeous pieces to ogle over.
Best in Sari

Bips' sari is quite stunning. The midnight blue brocade and red blouse pairs nicely with the shimmery confection of a sari. You know how I adore booti work. Only issue I had was that the biggish curls distracted from the sari itself.  A sleeker style, or an elegant chignon would've been much better. Ms. Vidya was elegant as ever in a mustard-navy blue combo. Her up-do with a few loose ringlets and coral lip accentuated the sari beautifully.
Best of the Rest

 Hands down, my fave was Neha's design. Possibly because it stood out the most from the other Phadnis creations in its black base color. I love her gold brocade blouse and the velvet trim on the flowy ghagra was a nice touch. The rest of the pack consisted of heavily net ghagras, with lots of gold and sequined embellishment. Mehr's floor-length anarkali and Sonakshi's sharara did break up the lehenga monotony a bit. In keeping with her style, Malaika's necklace was about as big as her entire blouse. Her odhni was also draped in a rather unusual, yet classically Malaika, style.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Grand Trunk Show

Elli Avram chose a brightly colored sharara for the event. I don't care for these colors together, but I do enjoy the occasional sharara-spotting. It seems starlets often shy away from it due to the modesty factor; can't very well overexpose oneself in a sharara.
Images via kollytalk, bollywoodhungama

"Samrat & Co." music launch

No. Just no. The bejeweled corset, flouncy mini-skirt, two-tone pumps, shiny stockings, and belly button peeking out, are just not working for Madalasa. Here's hoping she uses her earnings from her first film to hire herself a stylist.